"The WiseGuys" have arrived here today by way of lots of work, practices, rehearsals, coaching, late nights, big venue shows, small-venue shows, outdoor summerfest's, marketing, and advertising, and I think that we all can say that it has been well worth the outcome! 

When I look back we were just a group of card playing friends and musicians that would get together on most Friday nights and listen to music and enjoy some of their favorite beverages, that came together to form a band.  We would jam some music for awhile while some of the other guys played cards in the poker room. Eventually we got to be too loud for the guys in the poker room, so then came a choice. We would either play cards or jam music, and obviously we would mush rather jam music. We then added more and more music, sound equipment, lighting, etc., and we were having lots of fun. It was especially fun that friends & family would now come by to see us to play.  One of the guys then asked if we wanted to get serious and form a band. Well, as they say in Texas Hold 'em,  we were "all-in!" We picked up our first gig when Staci and George Amend asked us if we wanted to open for a Foo Fighters/Nirvana tribute band called "Smells Like Dave Grohl" at their Backyard Summer Bash. Needless to say we were all over it.  So we got serious and began rehearsing a lot. But now we had to come up with a name for the band.  We went back and forth, and in the end we decided on "The WiseGuys." This is due to the fact that most of us were considered older and somehow "wiser." 
Over the past couple of years we've had some band turn over like musicians coming and going and I guess that counts for some good band cred! 

Since George and Staci's Summer Bash we've gone on to open for "Smells Like Dave Grohl" at the Cubby Bear in Chicago, as well as playing some outdoor Summerfest's, Farmapalooza and other music venues like The Brauerhouse in Lombard IL, Sugar Skull in Franklin Park IL, Penny Road Pub in Barrington, IL and the historic Arcada Theatre in St Charles IL, just to name a few! There are too many to list but we have continued to play awesome music venues along the way.   

We, "The WiseGuys,"  strive to be known as a versatile rock band (and not just a classic rock band).  We pride ourselves in playing rock music by covering bands from 70's 80's 90's and even newer 2000's.

 Quote: "If we play our cards right we'll keep rockin!" 

Written by Lenny Puig